A new website version, free e-commerce curses and a mobile app with in time business opportunity alerts, among others.  

ProColombia launched seven digital tools that will save businessmen´s time and money in their internationalization processes. “There is a pressure to bet on the fourth revolution because nowadays, more and more people are buying on internet and getting information from this mean. In two years, 46% of world´s total income will be because of digital technology, according to Gartner”. This affirmation was said by Felipe Jaramillo, ProColombia´s president.

During the launching event, called ProColombia NOW, fourth revolution is now, and that took place in Bogota with 400 businessmen, experts from Linkedin and IBM, some topics such as social networks value on international sales, digital tendencies, e-commerce role in international expansion and exporting in times of cognitive computing, among others; were discussed.

That same day, a new mobile app with in real time business opportunities, was released. It also gives the businessman, the possibility to follow up his export plan. “For example, if the businessman exports tilapia, he will receive a notification in his cellphone with the information of a buyer in a specific market who is demanding his product. The businessman could apply to this opportunity filling out a form and waiting for ProColombia´s team previous validation whether or not the company is able to supply that demand” Jaramillo explains. The app will have a directory with all ProColombia´s commercial offices all over the world and a dashboard or digital board that allows download Colombian exports per year, such as, production chain, country of destiny, department of origin and by tariff position. A second phase, which will start in January 2018, will allow the same possibilities but related to global imports.

ProColombia website redesign was presented as well, in order to facilitate navigation and improve user experience and a virtual press room with news content, valued and useful for the media. The launching included a series of seminars about e-commerce and internationalization process, and a microsite in ProColombia portal Colombia.travel for businessmen in the tourism sector with access to different tools as international buyer’s data, pictures of Colombian destinations and graphic pieces of the tourism campaign.


“One of the tools one click away for businessmen in the tourism sector will be the promailing. It will allow contacting via e-mail to 37.500 potential clients in 37 countries segmented by countries, age, likes and opportunities. We are facilitating communication and bringing Colombia´s offer even closer to international demand” Jaramillo concluded with these words.

Another novelty is “Eyes in the world”, an online community administered by ProColombia, in which all Colombians that live abroad could participate with the objective of information gathering necessary to understand behavior and consumption patterns in other markets and to support businessmen export processes.
And the creation of new display boards with detailed information that updates itself in real time, which facilitates decision making process and ProColombia´s consultancy services to different organizations that belong to their daily activities. Businessmen are also going to have the option to identify market opportunities and answer some of the common questions that appear during the internationalization process.

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